Estany is the trademark of all the products of the family company Bages Cargol S.L..

At Estany Bages Cargol we work hard, dedicating ourselves to what we love most: wild mushrooms and land snails, as well as offering other products such as our select local pulses.

The long professional experience of Bages Cargol, along with a vast knowledge of the world of snails (since 1992) and mushrooms (since 1968), means we can count on excellent raw materials and continue with our commitment and support for healthy foods using traditional, homemade recipes. Thanks to our facilities adapted for the requirements of quality and hygiene control, we can offer a wide variety of products in different formats and systems of preservation in order to satisfy the needs of our customers.

We are located in Catalonia, in a small village of Fonollosa, in the country of Bages, surrounded by forests and crops that carefully guard the spirit of our ancestors, those peasants centuries ago who loved and respected both the land and their family, maintaining their connection with the natural cycles.


- 1968 -

Everything began when Jesús Estany, a farmer's son, just 20 years old, enthusiastically and courageously, dared to make his hobby his means of living. Together with his brother, Isidre and a good friend, Marcel·lí Sagristà, they founded Rovellons Estany-Sagristà, which would become one of the pioneering companies in Spain in the commercialization of wild mushrooms.

- 1992 -

Jesús, together with his wife Concepció founded Bages Cargol in a small warehouse in the town of Fonollosa, which immediately became a national reference in the trade of land snails.

- 1995 -

That good start led the couple to build a factory 3 years later, where they could cook and preserve both snails and mushrooms, and make them available to people all year long. Along with the elder brother of Jesus, Josep, the company Conserves Estany was then established to focus on mushrooms while Bages Cargol would focus on snails.

- 2009 -

Jordi Estany, the son of Jesús and Concepció, promoted the creation of the online shop

- 2013 -

Over the years it became clear that there was a need to group the two companies into one and it was decided to keep Bages Cargol and use the brand Estany to encompass both the mushrooms and the snails.

- 2015 -

Now, 20 years after the construction of our plant, it is time to take the next step: remodel the image, rearrange the structure of the whole organization, revisit our experiences, make improvements, reinforce values... all of which has been sparked by a firm generational change in management. Little by Little, Jordi Estany is taking the lead of the company, accompanied by the experience and the knowledge of his family and the essential help of all the hard working people that have helped make Bages Cargol what it is today.


Throughout the years we have been able to share with and learn from the many people who have worked with us, and who have helped this company grow and become the leader in the market of mushrooms and snails that it is today. To all of them, we are sincerely grateful.


We maintain the culture and traditions of our land through food, by respecting the environment and by offering most of our products without additives and with the highest quality and nutritional properties.

Filosofia i valors


We are proud to work with wild mushrooms because they need to be treated with great delicacy, experience and professionalism in order to do the work properly and reach the consumer in optimum conditions so that s/he can enjoy all the nutritional properties as well as the unmistakable flavor and aroma of forest mushrooms. This way, we make it possible to eat quality wild mushrooms throughout the year, not only limiting their consumption to the few months that the harvesting season lasts.

For land snail lovers, we offer a wide range of snail preparations: from live snails, frozen snails and jarred snails, to homestyle cooked dishes based on traditional recipes. We use selected snails that have fasted, of the genus Helix aspersa, Otala lactea and Otala punctata, selectively harvesting and leaving in the field those that have not reached full maturity. Snail meat is low in calories and in fat, it is rich in iron, zinc, copper and magnesium salts, as well as vitamin C and protein.

Since for more than 15 years we have been preserving the pulses of many farmers in the counties of Bages, Anoia, Vallès, Garrotxa ..., as a result of this long experience, since 2013 we have been producing local pulses with the Estany brand, showing our commitment to the environment and the valuable work of our local farmers. And finally, we are still open to working on new products along the lines of the healthy and natural foods that Bages Cargol represents.