Live Helix aspersa Snail

(Helix aspersa müller)


The over 25 years of experience of Bages Cargol guarantees us the leadership in the selection and distribution of live Helix aspersa snail (Helix aspersa müller). Thanks to an accurate quality assurance where the snails are purged, dried and selected, we obtain operculated snails in the optimum state for commercialization.
With hygiene and traceability completely guaranteed.
All-year round availability
Fresh product.


  • Small Size (≤2,7 cm)

  • Medium Size (2,7- 3,2 cm)

  • Large Size (≥3,2 cm)

  • Uncalibrated


  • Mesh, net wt. 1 kg. (2 unit box)

  • Mesh, net wt. 1 kg. (8 unit box)

  • Mesh, net wt. 2 kg. (1 unit box)

  • Mesh, net wt. 5 kg. (2 unit box)

Product presentation especially for:

  • Restaurants, Retailers, Industry and Distribution