Canned Variety of wild mushrooms


100% Hand-picked wild mushrooms. Cleaned, selected, scalded and sterilized. Wild mushrooms are especially known for their intense aroma and for being much tastier than cultivated mushrooms.

Size and type of mushroom may vary depending on the season, but will always be wild mushrooms. Lactarius deliciosus, Cantharellus cibarius, Cantharellus tubaeformis, Marasmius oredades, Boletus badius, Hydnum repandum, Boletus edulis y Boletus luteus, Cantharellus cornucopioides.


  • Top-quality whole and pieces


  • Jar 314, drained wt. 150 g. (6 unit box)

  • Jar 1/2 gallon, drained wt. 1000 g. (5 unit box)

Product presentation especially for:

  • Restaurants, Retailers, Industry and Distribution