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June, 21 2016

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New Products Summer 2016

Dried, frozen and refrigerated


Dried Mushrooms:
*Mixed Dried Mushrooms Fideuà, 2 kg.
*Mixed Dried Mushrooms Risotto, 2,5 kg.
*Dried Vegetables Risotto, 2,5 kg.

Refrigerated Snails:
*Refrigerated Otala punctata Snail, Tray, net wt. 1300 g.

Frozen Mushrooms:
*Frozen St George’s Mushroom, (Calocybe gambosa), en bossa de 5 kg.

New Accessory in snail cuisine:
*Iron Snail Plate 11,5x16,5 cm.: Ideal to cook typical catalan snails "a la llauna". This iron plate is extra created to cook our Frozen Snail a la Llauna with Sauce.